Happy New Year!

Join us for the High Holidays at

Chabad of the West Side


Rabbi's Message
We at Chabad of the West Side join you in hope and prayer as together we approach the new Jewish year of 5780.

Together we'll listen to the call of the Shofar, taste the sweetness of the Apple-and-Honey, recommit to G‑d on Yom Kippur.

Join us this year to celebrate together in our synagogues, in our communities—and with your pre-holiday preparation online.

Wishing you a happy & sweet New Year!

Rosh Hashanah Evening // September 29

Special Rosh Hashanah Dinner 7:00PM at 4021 Harding Dr. Westlake.

Charge: $18 per person.


Rosh Hashanah Day 1 // September 30 - Westlake Rec Center

Morning Service: 10:00am

Meaningful service with Hebrew/English prayer books, running commentary and inspirational song


10:00AM: Supervised Play

11:00AM: Mommy & Me Service for children of all ages (approx. 20 mins)

Tashlich and Shofar in the Park:

5:00PM: At the Westlake Rec Center Pond




Rosh Hashanah Day 2 // October 1 

Special second-day program:

Short prayer service and shofar blowing for adults

Games and activities for the kids!

Caramel Apple Bar! 

5:00PM At 4021 Harding Dr. Westlake. 

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Further Reading
The High Holidays is a time when we reflect the past year, and affirm our membership for the incoming year in the Jewish nation. Take a few moments and read some interesting and new handpicked High Holiday features from our site. You'll find something to share with your family, and perhaps gain a new perspective on the high holidays.