Gift - Giving It Forward Together is an opportunity to unite as a community, helping each other in whatever ways needed.

By meeting the needs of our community on a most basic level, and giving children, teens, and adults opportunities to give back and practice Chessed, we create a circle of kindness in our community.

This program provides opportunities for volunteering and lending a hand for others. Including:

  • Monthly staples distribution for families in need from the Cleveland Chessed Center
  • Shabbat and Jewish Holiday packages delivered by volunteers
  • Chaplaincy and hospital visits; visits to seniors and the homebound
  • Charity events in collaboration with Repair the World Cleveland
  • Bake sales for a cause
  • Providing meals for postpartum moms 
  • Assistance at children's hospitals
  • Meeting the material and emotional needs of our local families.

Volunteer today with our next project!